Our team members come diverse backgrounds and disciplines. In conjunction with the University of Maryland School of Public Health, University of Maryland undergraduates have created a three-part program encompassing a text-based chatbot, a Telegram-integrated chatbot, and a Public Health Volunteer program.

Use our bots

Our chatbots attempt to centralize and digest the abundance of information about Covid-19. They cover the basics of what the disease is, contextualizes statistics, explain some common phrases like 'social distancing', and aim to counter the spread of misinformation with accurate, medically-supported explanations.

Meet our bots

SMS-text bot

This free-text bot allows users to ask questions about COVID-19 diagnostics, prevention strategies, and symptom verification. All responses will be vetted hourly by our Public Health Volunteers to ensure a timely and accurate response.

Telegram bot

This options based bot will allow for structured user-interaction on a variety of COVID-19 topics including: diagnostic information, testing, prevention strategies, student resources, and positive reinforcement during quarantine. Please only choose among the button options provided beneath the text area.